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The 4th Block Museum-Gallery is in fact the only art-structure in Ukraine with its activities directed at drawing the attention of international community to environmental protection problems, cultivating ecological thinking by means of graphic and poster art. The 4th Block Museum-Gallery numerous actions received a broad international resonance and recognition. The main point of the museum-gallery activities is holding triennial international exhibitions of graphic arts and poster of ecological trend. Successfully combining international graphic design contest, the exhibitions at the same time stimulate deep understanding of ecological problems and apply to one of Ukraine's most painful matters: Chernobyl catastrophe and its influence on the environment.

The international 4th Block triennial exhibitions of graphic art and poster successfully held in Kharkiv in 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000 received numerous positive responses in the mass media and became popular among Kharkovites and visitors of the city.

Several poster collections were displayed in the House of Artist in Kiev (1992), "Design" Ima-Press gallery in Moscow (1994) and at the international poster festival "Zolotaya pchela" in Moscow (1994). In 1996 for the 10th anniversary of Chernobyl catastrophe, some selected 4th Block Museum-Gallery collections were showed in Kiev (Ukrainian House), Moscow (Ukraine Embassy in Russia), Toronto, Ottawa, Misisaga (Canada), Madrid, Valencia (Spain). In 1998 and 1999 4th Block Collections were exhibited in London (Westminster Abbey and Ukraine Embassy in the UK), as well as at the international "Ecoforum-98" in Aarhus (Denmark) and "Expo 2000" in Hannover (Germany).

The 4th Block Museum-Gallery of ecological trend is a collection of works that stay in Kharkiv after international 4th Block exhibitions.

Музей-галерея экологического направления "4-й Блок" существует как коллекция произведений, которые, согласно условиям проведения конкурса, остаются в Украине после проведения международных выставок "4-й Блок". В настоящее время наша коллекция насчитывает около 2000 листов графики и плаката более 350 авторов из 50 стран мира.

Мы открыты для диалога и приглашаем все заинтересованные стороны к сотрудничеству.

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